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In order to further improve the quality of service, improve the status of Shenzhen Haoda Supply Chain Co., Ltd. in the international and domestic markets and the satisfaction of customers and friends, and implement the purpose of "providing customers with faster, more reliable and more favorable services", the company solemnly issues the following statement to the majority of users from all walks of life:

• The all-round service is implemented in the customer service process to ensure that the customer's goods can reach the destination safely and timely.

•  Professional training and technical guidance for service personnel from time to time to ensure the quality of customer goods transportation.

•  Provide professional and efficient after-sales support, service staff at any time to respond and the fastest speed to propose solutions for you.

•  Provide cargo tracking logistics information to ensure that customers know the cargo transportation situation in real time.

•  Return visit to customers from time to time, timely adjust and improve themselves, and constantly improve customer satisfaction.

 Finally, your suggestions are the driving force for our progress, CIMC World Logistics Co., Ltd. will continue to work hard for your satisfaction!